We offer a variety of workshops designed to...

  • Spark motivationand commitment towards creating a healthier life-style and relationships, creating greater spirituality, and cultivating a positive self-image.
  • Energize individuals to change what they don’t want in their life and gain what they want!

Our classes are crafted to help individuals...

  • Find their power
  • Gain positive emotional and life transformation
  • Develop a greater sense of awareness and wholeness with self and others
  • Learn how to cultivate healthy relationships
  • Utilize unique self-healing techniques
  • Open pathways to success and fulfillment

The venue for our workshops is in a group learning experience and provides the attendee
with practical application of all the techniques being offered.

The classes are very reasonably priced, $20 per class for most, and $200 for the Whole
Class Package ($50 discount for early sign up).

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