Personal Growth Coaching

Our areas of focus for personal growth holistic life coaching fall under four pillars:  Self-Image, Relationship, Lifestyle, and Spirituality. Examples are as follows:


  • Cleansing negative self-beliefs
  • Finding empowerment in who we are
  • Seeing the beauty of self
  • Healing the inner child


  • Creating healthy relationships & boundaries
  • Healing from toxic relationships & breakups
  • Developing healthy conflict resolution skills
  • Dating and relationship coaching


  • Moving forward into a healthy lifestyle after going through major life changes and loss
  • Cultivating a healthy lifestyle through changing unhealthy coping mechanisms & breaking destructive habits
  • Cultivating a life you love by finding empowerment and inspiration
  • Finding greater quality of life while living with chronic illness


  • Integrating spiritual health & well-being through accessing intuition and utilizing energetic boundaries
  • Finding meaning and inspiration in life
  • Learning self- healing through guided visualization and energy work techniques
  • Cultivating daily spiritual and meditative practices that lead to “letting go of baggage”

Our method is so effective because of its holistic and intuitive approach. Everyone is different and we approach every client as the unique and amazing individual they are by helping them realize their unique strengths and needs. Our program is customized to suit the individual’s learning style as well as through our understanding and expertise of personality types and communication styles. (The Myers Briggs is one of the tools we use to guide us.)

Our research informs us that healing and change is a process and it is through embracing these concepts that we can facilitate one becoming their personal best. Our approach involves a dynamic mind, body, and emotional methodology that fosters internal changes and energetic shifts which then translates to the external world.

We believe that to sustain long term change we must alter the underlying energy involved. Therefore we place an emphasis upon cleansing toxic emotions and unhealthy beliefs in order to embrace the here and now into a loving and empowered state. All our techniques will work for any individual regardless of their beliefs, be it theist or non-theist, we will help one become centered, and experience a more optimal state of living.