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Centennial Life Coaching

Although we are located in Aurora, Colorado, our convenient location right off of I-225 provides easy access for people living in the greater Centennial metro area who would like to visit a local area life coach.

A.C. Holistic Wellness Therapies serves Centennial and the greater Denver metro area with life coaching and workshops to improve overall health and wellness. Our mission is to pass on the knowledge we have gained through our life experiences and studies to our clients so they, too, can find purpose and happiness in their journey.

Each person who walks through our doors is one of a kind. Your experiences, while similar to others, are your own. For this reason, we coach every person differently, depending on their needs and aspirations.

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Our life coaching is holistic; we take into account all areas of your life with the understanding that one area can affect another. Our team can help you create healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships, heal from loss or pain, make time for your passion, deal with chronic pain, and break bad habits, to name just a few of the services we provide.

Who We Are

Our team is passionate about decreasing suffering and increasing joy. We want to bring all of our life experiences together so that we can help others to experience the personal growth that has brought us so much fulfillment.

We want to help individuals find motivation needed to take the steps that will change their lives for the better. Every person has the ability to make the life they want for themselves. We focus on coaching all aspects of life because we believe that each experience affects the entire human being. Your happiness should not just be at home, but at the office, at the grocery store, and at the gym. It should follow you every step you take.

Thanks to decades of educational experience (and trial and error!), our team has a diverse experience base to bring to our clients and meet them where they are— wherever that may be. Through life coaching, educational workshops, and personalized programs, we work with our clients to achieve their vision of what they want their life to be.

Why Hire a Life Coach?

Hiring a life coach offers a third party perspective on any aspect of your life you’d like to focus on. This perspective might draw in other areas of your life that are affecting your current situation that might not have occured to you on your own.

As human beings, we need to communicate our thoughts to others. If you don’t feel like you have someone you can trust with your internal dialogue, you might feel alone or lost. A life coach provides you with a person with whom you can share your thoughts about anything. You’ll have an encouraging person in your corner who will listen without judgement.

One goal you might work toward with your life coach might be finding your purpose.  More importantly, a life coach will push you to actively live your purpose. We all have things we are passionate about, but we don’t always live out our passion. A life coach will help you to find the way to make your dreams a reality.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve been thinking about making changes to improve your overall health and wellness, now is the time. A.C. Holistic Wellness will provide you the tools necessary to make your path a happy one. Visit us online or call our office at (970) 315-6579 to get started.