Why We Are Passionate About Life Coaching

Why We Are Passionate About Life Coaching – AC Holistic Wellness – Aurora, CO

Being “For-Life” nurturers, the rewards are beyond words when through our life coaching process, we are able to help clients dig deep inside and finally identify what they want and don’t want!

Then we support their journey to self-actualize their “dream” life. We know it is okay to embrace who we are and to face our challenges from an honest authentic place in order to create lasting, positive changes.

As life coaches, even OUR most painful experiences become guideposts and teaching to support clients’ self-reflection to gain a renewed understanding of the limiting beliefs that become obstacles keeping them from what they want and desire.

t has been an important realization on our paths as facilitators of personal growth, that we don’t have to be perfect in order to help others realize their greatness, in fact, many times it is the imperfection that is the formula that serves as the impetus for real change.

We can’t tell you what it means to meet with a client, help them assess their current reality and then through our targeted intuitive questioning and exploration, help them identify what they want their future reality to be.

We meet with everyone exactly where they are and get to see how unique everyone is and we are able to approach their individual coaching in a one of a kind manner.

We love seeing clients light up as they describe their goals and dreams and us witnessing a positive energy shift as the goals manifest into their reality.

We relent any form of authoritarian role. We hold a mirror so that others can see themselves and the path to positive change more clearly.

Our targeted personal growth coaching usually only takes a few months to facilitate this lasting change, but it seems like lightning speed once the client has implemented the process and realizes the results.

The magic in the co-partnership is what makes life coaching so powerful and sustains the passion we have for this amazing profession—it works!

This post was co-authored by Alisha and Carole Brito.

Alisha Brito
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Carole Brito