Our Inner Child

Our Inner Child – AC Holistic Wellness _ Aurora, CO

Our inner child awakens us with a sense of subtle knowing and inner prompting that something urgently needs to be addressed and changed.

Embracing this inner prompting is the truth of who we are. It is our essence, in its pure innocence, calling out to be loved and acknowledged.

Cultivating a healthy relationship with the inner child helps heal inner wounds through reparenting, a process of guided inner dialogue and visualization work to change unhealthy beliefs and attitudes stemming from early life trauma, fostering an internal shift toward healthy self-perception and integration.

The inner child is a powerful phenomenon, and when it is experienced through a triggering event, is very real.  The traumatic event can come about in many different forms and be a onetime occurrence or recurring event.

It can be a result of the performance of a dysfunctional family and incompetent parenting or as innocent as a special childhood friend not staying a friend. No matter what the reason, the pain is very powerful and lingers throughout our lives.

When we become adults, that hurt resurfaces and manifests into unexplained fears, anger and other types of unhealthy emotions or physical pain.

Suppressing or ignoring what one is feeling only gives the wound more power to grow and be more destructive.

Being guided through the process of awareness of the inner child is coming into alignment with the highest good of the totality of the self.  It is an in-depth process and should not be forced.

The inner child is awakened when the time is right – when we are strong enough to face our past.

We can heal old wounds beyond time and space through connecting with the timeless aspects of ourselves through inner child work.

One just needs to be aware and commit to a process that honors their inner child by being respectful, listening, nurturing and reassuring that they are on a path of healing.