Our Healing Inner Resources in Times of Crisis

Our Healing Inner Resources in Times of Crisis – AC Holistic Wellness _ Aurora, CO

When we find ourselves at Ground Zero, we need to find our own healing inner resources which will guide us through our states of grief, fear, rage, and hopelessness and take us into a new reality.

We will never be the same person that we were before the trauma occurred but, we can be lovingly guided into who we are to become, embracing the gifts of surrender into a state of inner knowledge and finding our power.

When we experience a major loss, our sense of grief can begin to define our perceptions.  Taking life, “one breath at a time”, we fear the unknown, and worse, we fear awakening in a life which we keep hoping is only a bad dream.

Loss can be defined in many terms.  We may mourn the loss of a loved one or relationship, or the loss of physical ability, and a way of life. Sometimes loss can take on a more intangible form especially after boundaries have been violated and the parameters of our lives change due to assault and abuse.

Whatever the circumstances, we are irrevocably changed even though we don’t want this to be the case. We seek comfort in familiarity.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms can keep us barricaded into a past which no longer exists but, is so real in our hearts. We must always embrace what is sacred in our pasts, and what we lost, while moving forward in HEALING.

It is important to align ourselves with a loving support system that does not judge us for where we are, and whatever we are feeling.

Our emotions are an outward expression of our internal reality. If we are hurt, we do not need to qualify our trauma. We have a right to our feelings.

If we are in pain, then something needs to be addressed and healed or managed effectively in order to bring about positive change. Understanding of personal boundaries is imperative in this process. It does not matter if another person would’ve had a different emotional reaction to the same situation because we are all unique.

We must embrace our individuality. We must find our own path. We must find our own truth. Being hurt is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of our humanity.

Remember Our Rights in Times of Crisis:

  • We have a right to our emotional experience.
  • We have a right to be acknowledged.
  • We have a right to heal at our own pace.
  • We have a right to OWN “our story”.

These rights lay the foundational basis for our inner healing resources in times of crisis.

It is first through gaining a connection with our inner world that we attune ourselves with our inner healing power.

We must acknowledge that every healing process takes time and also accept that it is a process of change. The first key of healing is to learn to trust ourselves again, and to remember we are being guided by the higher self!