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Alisha Sherie Brito

Alisha Brito AC Holistic Wellness Therapies – Denver ColoradoI am a loving intuitive and facilitator of healing with advanced training in the healing arts. I am a nationally accredited Holistic Alternative Psychology Master Practioner, Certified Holistic Wellness Instructor, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practioner and licensed Massage Therapist with over ten years of experience. I would like to begin by telling you a little bit about myself and why I know AC Holistic Wellness Therapies works.

Several years ago, I was living my dreams. I had my dream career, a loving relationship, a great relationship with my family, beautiful home, and good health. I experienced inner fulfillment, and its expression externally in my life. All of a sudden, my life took an unexpected and devastating turn. In the aftermath of it all I forgot who I was and lost my inner light.

I experienced ongoing anxiety/depression, a sense of isolation, and negative self-image. I didn’t know how to move forward from my past, after living through trauma in childhood & adulthood, and I found myself in repeat patterns of unhealthy relationships. I felt emotionally and spiritually drained having endured debilitating pain and chronic illness over a span of several years. I didn’t know where to turn, and at one point was self-medicating to hide from both physical and emotional pain.

I sought answers, and after a period of trial and error was guided to the tools which helped me reclaim my life. Immediately after learning these methods of self-healing and empowerment, my inner light began to shine. I have made peace with my past, embracing its lessons, and forgiven myself and others. I now know who I am, with renewed strength, and a sense of purpose. I am vividly alive, embracing today and my truth.

I have since adapted my life and now have a healthier lifestyle and am managing my health issues with a balance of traditional western and functional medicine. I no longer self-medicate. I have learned so much about human nature and the resilience of the human spirit. My life isn’t perfect but, I find meaning within the challenges, and I feel in alignment with myself and creation, and have obtained inner peace. I now see myself in loving acceptance, have harmonious relationships, and have seen many of my dreams come true! I see my life from a perspective of authentic gratitude and could have never imagined it could be so good!

I feel that an integral part of my life’s purpose is to teach others these life affirming methods. I want to share these gifts with you, if you are ready I can be your guide into a wonderful new life!

Carole Brito

I am so excited about my involvement in A.C. Holistic Wellness Therapies. In my role as a “Personal Life Coach”, I help individuals find positive ways to deal with challenges and to develop positive behaviors through goal setting and helping instill motivation and commitment that leads them to the life they want to live.

I am a certified Life Coach and have been a 30+ year educational professional who holds a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from New Mexico Highlands University and a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of New Mexico. All my past professional and personal experiences have involved utilizing “Life Coaching” strategies for my family, students, faculty, parents, and community constituents.

Highlights of important events in my life demonstrating skills necessary for Life Coaching (good listening and questioning skills, ability to connect to individuals with different cultures, ethnic, economic and intellectual backgrounds, and being an inspiration and motivator to enable one to commit to goals and Strategic planning) are:

  • Served 12 years as a Governing Board Member for the Santa Fe Community College (a publicly elected position) requiring extensive responsiveness to community and long-range planning for higher education effectiveness.
  • Recognized as a change agent for educational reform at the local, state, and national level by being the first recipient of the National Donn Brolin Award for State Leadership (1999) requiring responsiveness to state and local problems in addressing gainful employment strategies for students with disabilities.
  • Named State Leader in Inter agency Collaboration for Inclusive School-to-Work Systems (2000) requiring extensive listening, problem solving, goal setting and commitment.
  • Led the charge of a statewide task force assigned by the New Mexico Legislature to create Pathways to a Diploma for all students. This model placed New Mexico on the national map in terms of progressive educational policies in this critical area and required extensive expertise in diversity training.
  • Established the New Mexico Statewide Transition Coordinating Council which brought all of New Mexico state agencies together for the provision of services for students with disabilities requiring exceptional sensitivity to different agency policies and finding common ground for a single purpose.
  • Served as the New Mexico Statewide Transition Coordinator providing technical assistance and support to districts in planning for students with disabilities and their future requiring understanding present levels of functioning, goal setting and how to reach gainful employment and independence.
  • Most importantly on a personal level, I am a mother to two beautiful daughters and granddaughter and am in a loving relationship where I have learned my best personal life coaching skills.