We offer one of a kind, one on one personal growth coaching for positive life transformation. We utilize methods from holistic psychology, positive psychology, and from our own innovative curriculum The Bear and the Butterfly, to develop a fully customized “Individualized Life Plan,” just for you, to become your personal best in mind, body, and emotions. 

We offer tools for you to better yourself, by changing limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors, into healthy beliefs and goal-oriented action. To cleanse toxic emotions and reveal inner peace, authentic joy, and new understanding. And our step-by-step plan of action is designed to help you become empowered in your life by cultivating a healthy lifestyle and creating a life you love.

Before we go any further let me ask you a few questions to decide whether our personal growth coaching is the right fit for you. 

  • First of all, do you want to see positive transformation in your life?
  • Are you willing to do the work and take the necessary steps toward building a more joyful and fulfilling life?
  • Have you tried other methods for healing and empowerment such as traditional counseling but found that they were ineffective?
  • Do you feel trapped by negative emotional states due to unhealthy relationships, negative self-image, and unfortunate past events?

I ask you these questions because so many people long for a better way of life, and are frustrated because try as they might, they cannot seem to let go of the past and begin anew. 

They have tried many methods including traditional therapy, yet the toxic emotions, memories, and relationship patterns persist. And some people long for change but defeat themselves in their efforts by being unwilling to put forth the time and effort for positive change. 

The groundbreaking methods, tools, and unique “Individualized Life Plan” of action we offer is extremely effective, and life-changing but, only if you are willing to take that first courageous step forward and make a commitment to yourself, by doing the work involved in the program. Your passion and commitment together with the right tools and methods can transform your life and heal your heart. 
I believe in this program because I have witnessed the most beautiful transformation in my own life utilizing these steps.